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new laptop
video: new laptop
5 Stars
1m 02s
i just got a better laptop
release on guitar
video: release on guitar
5 Stars
2m 58s
i been perving on rude all day and had to jerk off for something differant i...
after shower
video: after shower
4 Stars
2m 59s
all clean and feal new
happy as fuck
video: happy as fuck
3 Stars
1m 26s
vip happy as a ducked up fuck rude.com is the shit
come on
video: come on
1 Stars
2m 47s
im buzzed see what i do
watching me
video: watching me
2 Stars
3m 28s
funfor me
after shower play
video: after shower play
3 Stars
3m 42s
me after shower dont forget to read my blog
video: anouncement
5 Stars
1m 46s
telling everyone to check out my as while i tell you something
gay cum slut bareback...
video: gay cum slut bareback whore
3 Stars
3m 26s
cum slut seeking bareback top loaders

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torchlite by lotuslord
5 Stars
7 pics
me at night
just some pics
just some pics by lotuslord
5 Stars
2 pics
just me,read my blogs pleas tell me what ya think
cock shot
cock shot by lotuslord
5 Stars
3 pics
my cock clean shaved,please read my blog about ny new show