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blog of me, fury aka get em girl friday, sittin on the phattest pussy on the net! relationships, sex advice, and more!

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the shake video epidemic
12:31PM on April 02, 2011

Im sure most of yall have peeped my shake videos lol. Shake videos are becoming a problem smh. 99 problems, but a shake video aint one. Trust me. Its one thing to shake your watoosie to your favorite song. Even the gheigh white boys are doing it to beyawnce. However, I digress. The problem I have with shake videos aint the chick. i LIKE ass like yall do lol. It aint her cheer shorts and sports bra dancing bare foot like shes going into convulsions. it aint the comments, views, twitter page, etc. The problem with a lot of it is whats in the background.

GIRLS! PLEASE! If you are going to make a shake video, please remove any and all items from the background that pertains to your kids. NO STROLLERS. NO CAR SEATS. NO PACIFIERS or EMPTY BOTTLED WITH DRIED MILK IN IT ON THE FLOOR. Thats trifling. Even worse, dont have lil jaquante on the bed, in his playpen or swing watching The Wiggles on DVD and you are wiggling what you pushed him out of. Word travels fast on these mean streets of the internets. Now when your babydaddys hater of a hatin ass sister who never liked you ANYWAYS sees this shit you doing, guess what? That broad is going to call DFCS on you and have your kids taken away. Dont say fury didnt warn ya. 

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May 10, 2011 (Report It)

Hilarious but definitely a word to the wise.

April 03, 2011 (Report It)

Great Blog and funny as hell

April 03, 2011 (Report It)

Lmao this is so true...great blog Hun!
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