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the female booty call
11:21PM on July 24, 2010

Women can do a lot of things men cant do, such as cry when we are in trouble lol. Can females make a booty call and not be considered easy r a whore? is a question that I posed to my fans and followers, friends and the like. I didnt get the answer I really wanted to get, so I will just speak type what I feel.

I believe a female can make a booty call like a man can, as long as shes not calling a buncha dudes for no strings sex. We do have physical and sexual needs. Its a fact of life. Get a piece that you are comfy with fucking only when you need it, ladies. Also be discreet and true to yourself. If you are only fucking, then that is all. He aint your man. Dont lie to yourself. Yes, I said aint.

After I became single the last time, I was questioned about if I went to get some no strings sex because I was available.
The answer is No.

The reasons that I didnt get any no strings sex are frankly not yall biz lol. I could have, but as I said, everything isnt for yall to know okay lol. I do have a personal life, and I am learning to keep some things that need to be personal just that. Personal.

However, I did give up on placing booty calls. Why? because of 2 bad experiences with one dude who I am about to throw under the bus lol. So enjoy this blog at my pussys expense.

Rewind a few years back

I started working online doing adult shows some years ago. A lot of the sites fedex the paychecks to the hosts/models or whatever you wanna call the bitches who sit online and sell e-pussy in chat rooms. I was lucky enough to have this fedex delivery guy who was a nice vanilla color, with a bald head. He wasnt that tall, but hell I am 5ft. okay lol. He was about 59, stocky thick build like he played football some years back. Hed bring my check every 2 weeks. A lot of the times I would be working online, and would come to the door in my work clothes(lingerie, or stripper garb) to sign for my check. He was extremely shy, so hed look down, also to get a glimpse at my feet because of his foot fetish.
One day I asked if he knew anyone who could work on my car and we started making small talk. The following week he asked if I found anyone. So he asked if I minded if he called. At that time, I was in an open relationship, so I said sure.

Fedex called often, texted often. I like a man who picks up the phone when he thinks of me. We met for lunch(not a date, okay). We also took a trip to the mountains. I love the mountains. Hed deliver me gifts to my door like it was shipped to me, ring the doorbell and drive off. So long story short, Im being wooed by this guy. Its the simple things. Anyways. He started talking about moving together and saying that we should save ourselves for our honeymoon a year from now. He already made plans in his mind for us to get married in Jamaica a year from that day. I know I have my wedding colors picked out for when I actually do get married, but homie was pushing it. He started exhibiting signs of crazy, so I cut him back.

Women do get horny. At that time I was going through some things and needed some physical and sexual delectable goodness. So I called him up and said lets meet. He was in the process of moving so he got a hotel room for us. He purchased some beers(no food) and we watched tv for a while. Those beers started talking to us both, and we ended up in the bed. If you are reading this, I am sure that you know what I look like by now. You also know by now that I do porn. So if you had me in the bed beside you, and I brought condoms, why would you not fall over in the pussy? Im not big on foreplay, but he had it down to a tee. I was almost begging for the dick. Next morning, hes waking me up by placing my hand between my legs. He began jacking his dick, trying to make me play with myself. FAIL.

Well, I stopped fooling with him for a lil bit. He called and asked me if Id like to come over. It was booty call hours, so I got excited. I went over to his spot and we went to Ihop. I went over to get dicked down, not for some damn pancakes. I wanted sausage alright, but not on a plate. I took my leftovers back to his place. I sat on the couch and he sat on the chair across from me. I dont know why. I dont bite. So he says hes tired and he was going to lay down. He laid a towel and washcloth out for me and got in the bed. No, really. He got in the bed around 4am. So I took a shower and got in the bed with him, ass naked. I ended up falling asleep because he didnt respond to my moves or try to make a move of his own. I woke up around 6am to a rather nasal panting. He was beside me, beating his meat again. He realized i woke up, put my hand between my thighs and commenced to jerking his dick in a fast pace. I moved my hand away from my pussy and started touching him to let him know that I wanted sex. He moved my hands off of him and to my pussy, then went back to jerking fiercely. I just laid there. I was completely turned OFF. He busted a nut and went back to sleep.
I waited GOOD until he went to sleep and tiptoed into the living room. I found clothes inside my bag and changed as quietly as possible. I grabbed my bag and my keys, and snuck out the door. DRAT! The security alarm sounded. So I ran to the car and drove off as quick as itd take me. To this day, he still texts me asking me why am I ignoring him. Ill keep him guessing.

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June 16, 2011 (Report It)

damn..... rather jerk off when pussies right be doing just what you said....falling in it

April 03, 2011 (Report It)

Wow lmao! Another good blog.

January 14, 2011 (Report It)

Hahahaha... Yo that was fly, U should really think of writting books. i gotta fav this. Question i have is, U never found out why he didn't want 2 slay U?
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