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men lie. women lie. sexual partner numbers... hm, do they lie too?
12:24PM on April 02, 2011

The rhetorical question that I am posing to you guys and gals today(and until I blog again lol) is in regards to the numbers of sexual partners one has had, and if they matter if they are in a monogamous relationship. So, do they?

I have had a number of long term relationships and failed booty calls in the past, so my number of partners is probably not what you think itd be. Id make a guy that I date wait, wait, and wait to get my goodies. Enough about me though.
As we grow older, we break up and start new relationships, situations or just plain get horny. We may become sexual with new people, thus adding notching to our sex life belts. However it is what it is.

To me, who gives a shit. We make mistakes. Dont act like we dont. As long as that person that you are dating is not putting you at risk health wise and you are in a one partner relationship, teach her to do some kiegels lol. When car shopping, often times we buy a car based on the look and if it performs. Who cares if it has hella miles on it?! As long as you take care of it, itll take good care of you. If the person is committed to the relationship and to you as a mate, then crnak it up and ride on out. 

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April 03, 2011 (Report It)

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