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blog of me, fury aka get em girl friday, sittin on the phattest pussy on the net! relationships, sex advice, and more!

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i have a question
8:47PM on June 17, 2013

Do you ever have to just stop doing what you are doing and get a nut in, then go back to doing what ever it was like its nothing? 

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December 30, 2017 (Report It)

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Send me your questions!
8:21PM on December 13, 2011

For those of you guys who want to send me questions or topics to address in my blog, send me a message! Now that I am done with my DVD, I have more time to make videos, blog and cam. So ask away!

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the "hip-hop" police
7:17PM on July 04, 2011

This topic was brought up to me, and I decided to speak on it during tax time lol. People file taxes and claim kids that arent even their own lol. With that comes a whole new set of problems. You have people flashing money they know they dont normally have in photos, and put on like they are balling year around. DO YOU. Sprint has amazing deals on androids right now, so I hear. However, my problem is not with the idiots posting photos of bread that they DIDNT file taxes for all over the net, to put on for their city and surrounding areas. The same people you are trying to impress are waiting on you to lose it, trying to gold dig it, or rob you for it. People are haters now. They arent celebrating with you unless you are buying. However I digress. With the invention of social media networks comes ways for the federalis to keep track of, scoop and apprehend idiots who not only post photos of weed and guns like that idiot waka flocka flame(he twitpics pics of himself with drugs etc). The IRS also watches what you do. As lil wayne so eloquently put it, real gs move in silence like lasagna. If it aint the Internal Revenue Service coming to collect you or your money for bread they KNOW you didnt file, itll be the Interstate Robbing Squad coming with the same goal in mind. That common goal is to take your bread. Think about it.

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