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Relationships: "if you let it go and it comes back to you, it's yours?" Yep
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men lie. women lie. sexual partner numbers... hm, do they lie too?
panties? yeah? what about em?
the female booty call
"what you wont do..."
you know what i need to do? i know!
happy holidays, folks
hey folks
just a few updates
ass shakin contest

panties? yeah? what about em?
12:23PM on April 02, 2011

I hate wearing panties. I know they are cute and all but, I hate em. When you have a pussy with 3 inch lips, its hard to find any cute ones that are comfy and fit well. Sort of like a big titty woman who cant find sexy bras to fit bc they lack support lol. I usually dont wear them outside of work. Actually I usually dont wear them at all. One day I may tell the story about what happened when I didnt wear panties under a dress.

Tags: fury no panties
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October 15, 2012 (Report It)

Please tell that story!!! ;)

April 03, 2011 (Report It)

I hate panties, the only time I wear them is when I am at work or it's that time of the month....I just hate panties!
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the female booty call
11:21PM on July 24, 2010

Women can do a lot of things men cant do, such as cry when we are in trouble lol. Can females make a booty call and not be considered easy r a whore? is a question that I posed to my fans and followers, friends and the like. I didnt get the answer I really wanted to get, so I will just speak type what I feel.

I believe a female can make a booty call like a man can, as long as shes not calling a buncha dudes for no strings sex. We do have physical and sexual needs. Its a fact of life. Get a piece that you are comfy with fucking only when you need it, ladies. Also be discreet and true to yourself. If you are only fucking, then that is all. He aint your man. Dont lie to yourself. Yes, I said aint.

After I became single the last time, I was questioned about if I went to get some no strings sex because I was available.
The answer is No.

The reasons that I didnt get any no strings sex are frankly not yall biz lol. I could have, but as I said, everything isnt for yall to know okay lol. I do have a personal life, and I am learning to keep some things that need to be personal just that. Personal.

However, I did give up on placing booty calls. Why? because of 2 bad experiences with one dude who I am about to throw under the bus lol. So enjoy this blog at my pussys expense.

Rewind a few years back

I started working online doing adult shows some years ago. A lot of the sites fedex the paychecks to the hosts/models or whatever you wanna call the bitches who sit online and sell e-pussy in chat rooms. I was lucky enough to have this fedex delivery guy who was a nice vanilla color, with a bald head. He wasnt that tall, but hell I am 5ft. okay lol. He was about 59, stocky thick build like he played football some years back. Hed bring my check every 2 weeks. A lot of the times I would be working online, and would come to the door in my work clothes(lingerie, or stripper garb) to sign for my check. He was extremely shy, so hed look down, also to get a glimpse at my feet because of his foot fetish.
One day I asked if he knew anyone who could work on my car and we started making small talk. The following week he asked if I found anyone. So he asked if I minded if he called. At that time, I was in an open relationship, so I said sure.

Fedex called often, texted often. I like a man who picks up the phone when he thinks of me. We met for lunch(not a date, okay). We also took a trip to the mountains. I love the mountains. Hed deliver me gifts to my door like it was shipped to me, ring the doorbell and drive off. So long story short, Im being wooed by this guy. Its the simple things. Anyways. He started talking about moving together and saying that we should save ourselves for our honeymoon a year from now. He already made plans in his mind for us to get married in Jamaica a year from that day. I know I have my wedding colors picked out for when I actually do get married, but homie was pushing it. He started exhibiting signs of crazy, so I cut him back.

Women do get horny. At that time I was going through some things and needed some physical and sexual delectable goodness. So I called him up and said lets meet. He was in the process of moving so he got a hotel room for us. He purchased some beers(no food) and we watched tv for a while. Those beers started talking to us both, and we ended up in the bed. If you are reading this, I am sure that you know what I look like by now. You also know by now that I do porn. So if you had me in the bed beside you, and I brought condoms, why would you not fall over in the pussy? Im not big on foreplay, but he had it down to a tee. I was almost begging for the dick. Next morning, hes waking me up by placing my hand between my legs. He began jacking his dick, trying to make me play with myself. FAIL.

Well, I stopped fooling with him for a lil bit. He called and asked me if Id like to come over. It was booty call hours, so I got excited. I went over to his spot and we went to Ihop. I went over to get dicked down, not for some damn pancakes. I wanted sausage alright, but not on a plate. I took my leftovers back to his place. I sat on the couch and he sat on the chair across from me. I dont know why. I dont bite. So he says hes tired and he was going to lay down. He laid a towel and washcloth out for me and got in the bed. No, really. He got in the bed around 4am. So I took a shower and got in the bed with him, ass naked. I ended up falling asleep because he didnt respond to my moves or try to make a move of his own. I woke up around 6am to a rather nasal panting. He was beside me, beating his meat again. He realized i woke up, put my hand between my thighs and commenced to jerking his dick in a fast pace. I moved my hand away from my pussy and started touching him to let him know that I wanted sex. He moved my hands off of him and to my pussy, then went back to jerking fiercely. I just laid there. I was completely turned OFF. He busted a nut and went back to sleep.
I waited GOOD until he went to sleep and tiptoed into the living room. I found clothes inside my bag and changed as quietly as possible. I grabbed my bag and my keys, and snuck out the door. DRAT! The security alarm sounded. So I ran to the car and drove off as quick as itd take me. To this day, he still texts me asking me why am I ignoring him. Ill keep him guessing.

Tags: booty call sex
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June 16, 2011 (Report It)

damn..... rather jerk off when pussies right be doing just what you said....falling in it

April 03, 2011 (Report It)

Wow lmao! Another good blog.

January 14, 2011 (Report It)

Hahahaha... Yo that was fly, U should really think of writting books. i gotta fav this. Question i have is, U never found out why he didn't want 2 slay U?
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"what you wont do..."
11:19PM on July 24, 2010

So in talking to a friend of mine, we encountered the infamous what you wont do, another one will bit. Ive said it before after I had been thinking about find another one who will, relationship wise okay. Different subject. But we are talking about bedroom boom here.
Anyways, you do NOT say that shit unless you want to pick a fight when sex is involved. Basically you are saying to your significant other that they arent up to par with what you need, and you have no issue replacing them based on sexual performance if they dont do what you ask. Translation: an ultimatum. Dont be a bully. You can make someone feel inferior and cause more damage by using that line.

There is no problem in expressing your needs to your significant other. If I want my man(Im single by the way, and happy) to do something say, move my furniture, then Ill pick up the phone and call or text. Its simple as that. If he cares, he will do it because I asked. So if a mate asks you for something in the bedroom, and you give a shit, then why not at least try it? You think he wants to come move my sectional, my coffee table(which is in 2 parts), end tables, and an armoire around my living room after he just worked at the j-o-b for 8-10hrs? HELL NO. But most men will do it because you asked.
So why not at least humor him and do it? Now if its something that is dangerous to you like some forms of BDSM, then okay. If he wants to fuck you in the ass bareback before blowing his load ontop of a piece of whole grain bread, but you arent with fucking him or her without a rubber and like white bread, then speak up. If she wants to try a prostate massage and you feel a certain kind of way about it, then cool. But if its something that he or she has expressed interest in, and you wont feel gay or scared, then do that shit! If he asked to let him cum on your face, guess what? It washes off. Its a two way street. We have no problem in asking them to do something, and get upset when they dont do it. He may not verbally say that if you wont, another one will, but if he REALLY wants that certain thing, trust me. Hes thinking it. bad sex is one of the main causes in break ups. A person will only deal with certain shit that they lack if they cant do better or until they can do better.
Also act like you like it. The way you respond to the act will set the pace for the rest. Ill elaborate.

Communication is key. Nobody wants to train a new sex partner. Its like purchasing a sweet tea, and its not sweet. You gotta add sugar and get it how you want, which not only takes time but its irritating when its nothing how you want or expected it to be.Didnt I just tell yall bad sex can cause somebody to walk on you? lol. Believe me when I tell you.
But talk about it. Dont be afraid. If you dont feel comfortable enough talking to your partner about sex, then you dont need to be with them. If you dont feel comfortable talking about sex in general, and you were grown enough to click on the enter button and come into my site, then you got some shit that you need to work out on your own. However, open your mouth. Ask questions. Be receptive of what they say. How you respond is also a major factor. If they says Baby, I like to stick my finger in your ass when Im fucking. do NOT right dude off as gay and say Oh hell no! I dont like shit going in my ass! Exit only!. Men, if she wants to do a prostate massage and you arent with a lady massaging it through your asshole, then let her know. You know the archaic cliche Youll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Not that you want to catch flies, but you feel me. How you reply is major aka dont give attitude. A simple I havent tried that before, I tried it before and or an Im not interested in that yet works wonders. It IS okay to say no if you are uncomfortable. However, dont be such a stick in the mud. Try some new shit. There are too many taboos put into place about sex. Talk about it. The next convo you may have is What you wont do, another person will.

Next topic: The female bootycall.

Tags: fury relationships sex
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you know what i need to do? i know!
7:03PM on December 10, 2009

Hey rude girls and guys! I miss you guys so much. I finally moved, so I will be back on with you guys as soon as possible. Until then, I will continue to deliver the hottest, sexiest, creative, entertaining and most explosive videos around at a low chips price for you. After all, I do this for ya'll. 

I'll be posting new content soon, ok? I haven't been having sex in a while, so my pussy is really tight. So I think I should break out one of the toys that ya'll haven't seen me use on video before, and "get it in", no pun intended. 
I did add some toys to my wishlist, so if you want me to start using that on video, then send it right over. I will be more than happy to use it, trust me lol. 

I along with my homie MrGrand27 (who aint 27 anymore lol) are working on a collab to bring to rude soon. We are sure you will love it. I have a lot of people who think I am just a webcam girl lol. That couldn't be any further from the truth. In case you havent noticed, my profile says confirmed webstar under my profile photo. But it's a lot of shit that I do that surprises people. Hell, I surprise people every time I come with a new video lol. 

Tags: fury
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happy holidays, folks
6:23PM on December 01, 2008

Happy holidays, folks! Tis the season! Dec 13th is also the 5 year anniversary of my website! So december is a big month for me. I never visualized that my site would be as it is today,or as popular. So I guess that's one of the things that I am thankful for. I'm also thankful for all of you rude folks. You definitely keep showing me love when I come through, eventhough I don't show my face, err pussy often.

For those who asked, I DID make a wishlist here. My birthday is the day after new years, so it's more of a christmas/birthday wishlist lol.

Now, for the questions of the moment. Ive been asked these questions a lot, so there is no one
person to pin to it this time.

The first question is what do I do outside of porn.

Well, I am a pc nerd lol. So I'm online, constantly trying to figure out ways to give you more of my freakishly nasty self. But when away from the cameras, the site, the internet, etc. I like to get in my big bodied sports car(I bet you can't guess what it is, though a few of you know, already) and drive. I love to feel those horses as I wind through virginia's countryside and escape to the mountains. I love to see the different colors, smell the fresh air, and hear my music beating hard through the speakers. It gives me a lot of time to think about different things, and just get away from everything. I also enjoy cooking, but I don't have a lot of time to do so. I've never been a party person. I'd much rather be at home on my
laptop, under blankets, playing the sims 2 lol.

The next question is where did my nickname fury come from.

I was in english class in high school years ago. I was talking with my friends, and the teacher
suggested that since I know so much, I should come teach the class. We were reading from Macbeth at the time. So I stood in front of the class, and quoted the soliloquy on when Macbeth found
that his wife had passed. It's a line in it that says "It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of
sound and fury. Signifying nothing." She thought it'd be funny to call me sound and fury, and it
stuck. That was almost 10 years ago. Some that know me from back then call me "sound" but it was
eventually shortened to fury over time.

I think that I have an oral fixation lol. All I want to do is have something in my mouth like an
inkpen, straw, or candy. I go through gum like the wind. Maybe it's because I love to give head.
I like to suck over getting my pussy eaten. It's far better to give than receive in my book lol.
My mouth is watering now. I enjoy feeling and tasting the smooth flesh on my tongue.
One thing that I do want to work on is enjoying foreplay more. More kissing, caressing, and not
rushing through it. This year, I got more intune with my submissive side(imagine that). '09 is
my year for working on my more passionate and affectionate side. I digress. Sucking dick is a
skill that you can always work on, no matter how much of a monster you are with it.

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hey folks
9:18PM on November 15, 2008

Hey, everyone. i hope you came at least twice today. I'm doing well. I wanted to blog and bring
up a few points since they have no area for us to really say much on our rudespaces. You know I
don't get on much.I have my moments. If you haven't clicked the link on my rudespace and visited
my site, then understand that I do have one. It's ran by nobody but me. I also have a life
outside of being here, updating my site, shooting, and other things. But now that it's cold
outside, the only place I can be half naked is in the house or infront of a camera lol. I do
have a lot of content that I am working to get up at my site and here at rude, so be patient
with me. If I can't comment back, or respond to messages, as eminem said "Don't think I did that
sit intentionally just to diss you." I love the support and positive feedback that you guys give
me. I am also glad that you guys and gals seem to think I am one of the heavy hitters here at
rude. That's the shit.

I do have a feature in my blog at my site where I answer questions from friends, fans, and
whoever wants to ask me some shit lol. not only have I lived an interesting life, but I am also
very open about my sexuality, and virtually anything. Consider me an open book. I would like to
start posting some of the questions that I receive here also. So if you have a question that
you'd like to ask, then don't hesitate to ask. Plae question in the subject heading, and I will
try to get them up in future blogs here and at my other spot. Do be respectful in your questions
though. Don't ask me any dumb shit or I wont answer. There IS a such thing as a dumb question lol.

However, I digress.

A little more about me. My name is NOT carolina lol. I am fury aka get 'em girl friday. I'm a
milf. capricorn. The name carolina orgasm came about when I was on stage some years ago. I've
worked as a stripper for almost 4 yrs. I don't work in a club anymore. I do features for local
strip clubs every once in a while. I stopped to concentrate on getting my site finished and
other ventures that are adult related. So I'm semi retired lol. I have been doing live video way
longer than I've been stripping lets just say. I don't remember exactly when but it's been long
enough to be damn good at what I do. Any of you who have seen me fuck myself with no hands knows
that lol. I've been given the title of the phattest pussy on the net. That's one thing. But a
self fucking pussy is another lol.
I've modeled for almost 2 years now. I've done magazine covers and spreads in the past. Working
on cover #3. I've also been featured at different sites. So to see my work at various places is
rather humbling.

Outside of modeling and being nasty on camera, I love games. I play a browser game called
ikariam HARD. I also play the mobtsers app and yoville. My favorite is the Sims 2. I am a
hardcore simmer. I've been playing since like 01 when it first hit. I used to play madden with
my bestfriend a lot, but I probably suck now. I haven't had much time to play it. I also like
SimCity and Caesar.
I am also a freelance graphic designer (both print and web). I've done that since the 90's.
Imaging and website design is my first love next to porn. I also love animals.
I have some work I need to do, so I am going to finish this. However, do feel free to comment my blog, ask any questions, or comment my profile videos and photos. Everyone have a great cum filled weekend!

Tags: about fury me
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November 27, 2008 (Report It)

Well, those are tasty tidbits of info about you. Sometimes, dudes forget you ladies are actual people and not computer generated images. Lol.
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just a few updates
5:03AM on July 22, 2008

hey folks! ive been trying to update my rude account. i forgot that i had one, to be honest. so bare with me while i update everything. im going to add more vids and photos for your viewing pleasure. so work with the girl, ok? and go rate my photos, say something here, on the space etc. i need some of those lol. yall, be good. or atleast try lol.

Tags: fury new videos
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ass shakin contest
7:40PM on April 26, 2008

so i joined this ass shaking contest. it's a bunch of no ass, no rhythm having white chicks shaking it for a prize. if you liked what i did, then please vote for me. if i win, i'll add a video of me shaking without the thong...

Tags: ass black stripper
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April 26, 2008 (Report It)

Lol, I'm half black half white, and I got screwed over. I didnt get any of my mom's rhythm, I got that white girl thing goin'. I envy you! But yeah, I voted for you....good luck!
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