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I'll be using this blog mostly as a promotional tool for my websites and other ventures.

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Heads up!!!

Heads up!!!
9:40PM on October 04, 2010

Heads up!

Trixie ( and I ( and are now doing our shows under our SpyOnUsGals profile:

I may also switch the spycams back and forth (the ones currently on TGirlDelia might broadcast under SpyOnUsGals and vice versa, depending on which one of our connections (dsl vs. cable) might need speeding up based on where we're broadcasting (that's why we sometimes have to log some cams out or switch them around, because when we're doing shows -- either private shows or group shows).

Basically, you should keep up with us on all THREE of our profiles and/or join our sites (links are on our Rude profiles) to get all of what we have to offer!


P. S. Our shows are also going to be shorter because we need to save more juices for private shows AND time in bed with each other! I hate to have to do that, but unfortunately we really need the money & need to be smarter about the way we use our sexy cam time. Thanks to all of you who keep making our shows fun and appreciate what we do!

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