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  • Oiled Ass Clap In Thong While Standing

    Includes: ass clapping, loud clapping noises, thong, fat oiled ass, lots of oil, breathing heavy, talking dirty, big butt, whooty, pawg, white booty, wide hips, cellulite, pov, thick, extreme closeups, ass shaking, jiggling, booty clapping, booty popping, ass fetish, wet & messy, wide hips, fat, bbw, belly, twerking, goddess, & so much more!

    Uploaded: Feb 24, 2015 | Length: 5:29
    Categories: Ass Shaking, Big Butts, Wet & Messy
    Purchase Price: 84 Chips | Rental Price: 84 Chips

    Giantess Q & A

    Custom video. I answer each of the 7 questions in candid detail. A must for any giantess fan.

    Uploaded: Feb 20, 2015 | Length: 11:47
    Categories: BBW, Big Butts, GIANTESS
    Purchase Price: 140 Chips | Rental Price: 140 Chips

    Fart Compilation 4 16 Farts

    I sell a lot of custom videos. One of my top sellers is my fart fetish videos. Here is another one of my famous fart compilation customs that is sure to be a huge hit among my fart fetish minions. Nothing but fat farts from my funky perfect asshole for you to suck up. Download the video now. I know you can't resist it...... Includes: farting, fart fetish, pov face farts, pov face sitting, dirty talk, domination, humiliation, nudity, asshole, ass spreading, grunting, straining, sighs of relief, thundering ass clapping, wild ass shaking, asshole puckering, extreme closeups, poofy farts, loud farts, funky farts, bassy farts, tight pants farts, farting in clingy dresses, bare ass farts, pov farts, bending over, funny farts, comedy, funny commentary from me & so much more!

    Uploaded: Feb 10, 2015 | Length: 5:41
    Categories: Ass Shaking, Domination, Farting
    Purchase Price: 140 Chips | Rental Price: 140 Chips

    4 Lobster Feast

    I eat 4 steamed lobsters in melted butter. Yum

    Uploaded: Feb 4, 2015 | Length: 25:54
    Categories: BBW, Fetish - No Nudity, Food
    Purchase Price: 210 Chips | Rental Price: 210 Chips

    Oiled Ass Clapping In My Nylon Panties

    CUSTOM VIDEO: So this is my video request you wear any dress with the shiny nylon granny big panties with high heels and your thigh high pantyhose bend over lift your dress and pull your panties to the side for a few minutes then take off the panties slowly and spread your nice big fat ass in the camera while the camera is looking up at your ass while you spread your cheeks and tell me to eat and lick your ass you don't have to stick a finger in your ass no anal just for the grand finale go on a couch or a bed and stick your ass out doggie stye and spread your ass cheeks and clap your cheeks together real fast for five minutes The end I hope I can download it please say my name a lot like I'm loving you doggie style Thank you so much xoxoxo oh and if you can use baby oil thanks. Includes, nylon granny panties, oiled ass, ass clapping, upskirt, pov, thigh highs, pantyhose, open toed leather heels, ass spreading, ass shaking, pulling panties to the side, bending over, moaning, talking dirty, teasing, asshole puckering, rubbing a lot of oil on my ass, doggie style ass clapping, booty wobbling, super fat pussy, nude, whooty, pawg, big legs, foot fetish, feet, shoes & much much more!

    Uploaded: Oct 23, 2014 | Length: 14:52
    Categories: Booty Clapping, High Heels, Thigh Highs
    Purchase Price: 168 Chips | Rental Price: 168 Chips

  • Keep Stroking Your Little Dick

    Keep Stroking Your Little Dick

    Uploaded: Oct 20, 2014 | Length: 6:17
    Categories: Domination, Small Penis, Upskirt
    Purchase Price: 98 Chips | Rental Price: 98 Chips

    Closeup Asshole Farts

    Puckering nude closeup asshole farts.

    Uploaded: Oct 17, 2014 | Length: 9:08
    Categories: Anal, BBW, Farting
    Purchase Price: 140 Chips | Rental Price: 140 Chips

    Weak For Lips

    Weak For Lips: In full makeup, lipstick applied , you reapply in full view of camera , You talk about how you know men love this color, compliments you receive , but it gets harsh when you explain how pathetic guys never get lipstick lips like yours, much less this. Then you stick out that tongue to really make your point , by the way your tongue is as amazing as your lips. Includes: lipstick application, eyeglasses, lips, mouth, green eyes, bbw, makeup, teasing, humiliation, finger sucking, licking, dirty talk & close ups, making faces & much more!

    Uploaded: Oct 10, 2014 | Length: 5:22
    Categories: BBW, Eye Glasses, Fetish - No Nudity
    Purchase Price: 84 Chips | Rental Price: 84 Chips

    Mina Gets Wet Custom Video

    Custom Video: I get in the shower and play in the water for over 10 minutes. I get my sheer rose colored top soaking wet. My fat amazing 60" ass encased in black & gray striped leggings wet work up a later with some soap. Watch the water & soap bubbles drip off my fat famous bubble ass! Includes: wet look, soap, bubbles, big butt, whooty, pawg, leggings, big legs, shower scene, wet see thru shirt, ass shaking, dirty talk, big tits, & much much more!

    Uploaded: Oct 1, 2014 | Length: 11:23
    Categories: Bubbles, Shower / Bath, Wet T-Shirt
    Purchase Price: 126 Chips | Rental Price: 126 Chips

    MissMinaBBW uploaded a new gallery Sep 24, 2014 at 08:50 AM

    0 Stars

    As Seen On Tosh 2.0 On Comedy Central

    As Seen On Tosh 2.0 On Comedy Central (9/23/14 episode)

    Uploaded: Sep 24, 2014 | Photos: 1
    Categories: BBW, Fetish, Flashing

  • Grapefruit Invaders

    Custom Video:I have a food squash idea where your showing what would happen if you caught a naughty little invader, So you demonstrate with a couple of grape fruits one at a time. Placing one on a chair or hard surface, place a cutting board over it and sit on it squashing and mashing it till the guts are mashed out, One facing forward and squash one with rear view to see that nice devastating double bubble butt mashing it down, Wearing your pink leggings. I caught you 2 nasty little invaders trying to infiltrate. Now I'm going to punish you. I am going to destroy you one by one. And I don't need an army to do it. Unlike you two losers I can fight my own battles. And I always win. Be prepared to lose! Look at you now! No match at all. None! I am the big strong powerful one. Not you! Let this be a lesson & message to all those nasty little invaders who dare think they can over power me! It's will take an army plus one to defeat this Giantess Goddess. Now you should really FEAAAAARRRRR MEEEEE!

    Uploaded: Sep 23, 2014 | Length: 6:53
    Categories: Big Butts, Crush, Food Crushing
    Purchase Price: 98 Chips | Rental Price: 98 Chips

    Cum Soaked Panties

    I masturbate in my panties with my Hitachi, my super fat soft pussy orgasms and I show you how wet my panties are from cumming. Now I want to shove my cummy panties in your mouth!

    Uploaded: Sep 23, 2014 | Length: 6:12
    Categories: BBW, Masturbation, Orgasms
    Purchase Price: 84 Chips | Rental Price: 84 Chips

    Punished By Giantess Fart Bombs

    Custom: My best giantess/shrink/fart fetish video to date! I finally caught the pricks who have been causing me trouble, throwing rocks, calling me names like big butt. I have sternly told these pricks to get into my house and they obey immediately because I startled them.. And I tell them to go to my office and all sit down. They sit and they don't move! I tell them that they are in deep trouble and I have to shrink them.. They are stuck to the chair with fright.. I turn around and pull down my leggings down just past my butt and I spread my cheeks and fart on them.. This is what causes them to shrink.. I tell them to breath it in and not to worry.. Now I have them shrunk and on the chair looking up at me, freaked out because not only are they in my house, but they are now shrunken! So I look at them all satisfied with vindication in my mind.. I start telling them that it's not nice to bother neighbors and it certainly isn't nice to call someone "big butt".. Then I tell them why I had to shrink them.. ohhhhh they are not gonna like this.. I say "You like calling people 'big butt', well, I'm gonna show you what a big butt can do.. I'm gonna suck all three of you in my ass and squish you really good, one at a time.. You will learn to respect this big butt... I also tell them that their no one will never find them cuz they will be deep in my ass, but I also tell them that maybe if they have learned their lesson and are sorry, I might push them out of my tight asshole later as long as they don't tell what happened, otherwise I'll find them again but this time, I'll make them permanent butt slaves. I put the other one in a box to await their punishment - He's looking up at me and my giant ass and I are taunting him.. I shake my ass and taunt and tell him that he brought this on himself.. I basically tell him what I'm gonna do to him.. Then I pick him up and stuff him deep in my ass crack, next to my asshole, and the I spread my cheeks so that you see him and I say, "buh bye" and let my cheeks close.. And I start shaking around, rattling him up real good and squeezing him in there.. then I tell him that I am going to fart and he will be sucked up.. And then I fart.. Poof! Gone! With the other little prick I do the same thing, But out of the 3 Jamie has caused the most trouble I saved a special punishment for him. Because you, Jamie have caused the most trouble I am going to tape your tiny shrunken ass to the chair. I'm gonna blow hot fuming farts all over you. Maybe THEN you will learn a lesson. I blast him with hot fuming giantess fart bombs! At the end when I have them in my ass, I tell them if they promise to behave, I'll let them out later.. Then I close my ass, pull up my leggings and go on my way with my day.. Includes: farting, giantess, pov, giantess special effects, leggings, legs, asshole fetish, ass spreading, asshole closeups & so much more! Collect all of my shrink/giantess/fart fetish videos!

    Uploaded: Sep 15, 2014 | Length: 14:39
    Categories: Farting, GIANTESS, POV
    Purchase Price: 167 Chips | Rental Price: 167 Chips

    Cake Cone Foot Crush

    Wearing pink leggings & pink looking like a sex top I crush a bunch of ice cream cones with my big cute giantess feet. The slightest amount of pressure makes them crack & crumble to dust with ease under my massive giantess 304lb frame. Includes: crush, giantess, pov, food crush, feet, foot fetish, nail polish, bbw, legs, loud crunching & cracking, food porn & much much more!

    Uploaded: Sep 12, 2014 | Length: 5:02
    Categories: Food Crushing, Foot Fetish, GIANTESS
    Purchase Price: 70 Chips | Rental Price: 70 Chips

    Rough Dirty Soles

    I like to walk around in flip flops & bare feet. As a result my feet get super dirty, my soles get rough, dry & cracked. I show them off to you. Now worship my rough dirty soles. Includes: wrinkled soles, rough soles, dirty feet, foot fetish, toe spreading & wiggling, domination, ankles, toes, high arches, toe nail polish, tights, legs & much more!

    Uploaded: Sep 8, 2014 | Length: 3:39
    Categories: Fetish - No Nudity, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship
    Purchase Price: 84 Chips | Rental Price: 84 Chips

  • Toe Nail Polish Fall Edition

    Painting my cute toes a gorgeous gold/red color for Fall. I talk to you while I paint my toes, spread my toes & show off my sexy feet. By my loyal foot boy & come see me for a hot foot fetish/domination show.

    Uploaded: Sep 4, 2014 | Length: 7:38
    Categories: Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship
    Purchase Price: 105 Chips | Rental Price: 105 Chips

    Ass Too Big For Your Tiny Dick

    My perfect ass is entirely too big for your tiny dick. Includes sph/small penis humiliation, domination, degradation & big butt, goddess, ass worship, financial domination & much more!

    Uploaded: Aug 25, 2014 | Length: 9:14
    Categories: Domination, Humiliation, Small Penis
    Purchase Price: 138 Chips | Rental Price: 138 Chips

    Mina Stuffs Chocolate Cream Pie

    I made a chocolate cream pie with a huge mound of real hand whipped cream. I filled a bowl with a heaping portion & dug in and had foodgasms galore. My burgeoning belly was so full & bloated I felt like I was ready to explode! But the pie was so good I kept stuffing it all in until it was gone! Lots of at chat while I eat my delicious pie & talk to you about how much I love to cook, eating & gaining. Lots of colorful & humorous talk. Low fat food is for pussies!

    Uploaded: Aug 9, 2014 | Length: 9:14
    Categories: Fetish - No Nudity, Food, Stuffing
    Purchase Price: 126 Chips | Rental Price: 126 Chips

    MissMinaBBW uploaded a new gallery Jul 25, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    5 Stars

    Black Thong & Wrinkled Soles

    Check out my rude flix for more of fat ass & my soft wrinkled soles.

    Uploaded: Jul 25, 2014 | Photos: 1
    Categories: BBW, Fetish, Solo Girl

    MissMinaBBW uploaded a new gallery Jul 16, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    0 Stars

    GodMother Of Ass BBW Goddess Miss Mina

    GodMother Of Ass BBW Goddess Miss Mina

    Uploaded: Jul 16, 2014 | Photos: 10
    Categories: BBW, Fetish, Solo Girl

  • Shrinking My Slumlord SHORT VERSION

    SHORT VERSION FARTING, MASTURBATION & SQUIRTING NOT INCLUDED: A custom video I made for a loyal client. My landlord (slumlord) keeps bugging me about rent being paid on time and finally I get fed up with it. For over 8 minutes I shrink him down with my famous shrink dust and decide that its payback time. I figure since he is being a total asshole, that he should pleasure my asshole. You're not doing a good enough job! Get that tiny tongue up that asshole! LICK IT REAL GOOD! The entire video is me making him pleasure my perfect addictive asshole and maybe 3/4 of the way through I start to rub my fat giantess pussy which in the end brings . What's that? I'm gonna live here rent free as long as I want? You can do better than that! Wow! You are gonna pay all of my bills including groceries?! Good. Now I can expand you back to normal size. Don't EVER get out of line again. You already know the consequences. Includes: eye glasses, shrink dust, humiliation, control, fem domme, belly, bbw, big butt, cellulite, thong, underwear, panties, fat pussy, long hair, brunette, lipstick, ass spreading, butt cheek clenching on little man, ass shaking, pov, anal with little shrunken man in my asshole, humor, jokes, funny, spanking big ass, booty clapping, twerking, big legs, big tits, tit squeezing, hard nipples, bending over, whooty, pawg, wide hips, white booty & so much more!

    Uploaded: Jun 30, 2014 | Length: 8:26
    Categories: BBW, GIANTESS, Role Play
    Purchase Price: 111 Chips | Rental Price: 111 Chips

    Head Ass Panties

    Custom video I did for a fan. Me giving a bright pink jelly double dong a sloppy wet blow job with gagging & dirty talk. Teasing upshots of my ass in a thong & tight black jeans. At the end I put on a thong & 3 different pairs of cotton underwear & model them for you.

    Uploaded: Jun 24, 2014 | Length: 7:20
    Categories: Blowjobs, Panties, POV
    Purchase Price: 112 Chips | Rental Price: 112 Chips

    Fart Compilation #3 (11+ Fuming Funky Fa

    This NEW fart fetish compilation video is sure to be a best seller & favorite for my ass worshiping fart fetish boys. Had an attack of gas ass & had to capture it all on video for my loyal ass/fart minions. I fart on my cellphone & even on a skeleton. Funny, sexy, hot & amazing all at once. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Includes: ass spreading, asshole fetish, asshole closeups, asshole puckering, ass smacking, spanking, thunder booty clapping, farting in yoga pants, sitting down while farting, pov farts, butt cheek clenching, waving & fanning farts, stinky farting, fuming farts, fat farts, little farts, funny farts, weird sounding farts, farting on my cellphone, laughing, giggling, moaning, eye glasses, teasing, big butt, cellulite, bubble ass, big legs, bending over & farting, ass clapping farts, farting on a plastic skeleton.

    Uploaded: Jun 13, 2014 | Length: 3:42
    Categories: Ass Shaking, Ass Spreading, Farting
    Purchase Price: 98 Chips | Rental Price: 98 Chips

    Creamy Thigh Cake Crush

    Crush creamy chocolate cakes between my big soft creamy thighs. I make a huge mess! Includes: wet & messy, splosh, big thighs, food porn, food, fetish fun, dirty talk, fat, cellulite, loud thigh smacking & so much more!

    Uploaded: Jun 10, 2014 | Length: 4:35
    Categories: Food Crushing, Legs, Wet & Messy
    Purchase Price: 70 Chips | Rental Price: 70 Chips

    Slave To Ass

    Strictly for my hardcore ass addicted minions who love being a slave to my fat famous 60 inch ass! This video will blow your mind & your load! Includes: toilet humiliation, toilet slavery, pov, ass worship, farting, asshole puckering, toilet fetish, femdom, domination, ass domination, closeups, anal fingering, ass clapping, ass shaking, fat white ass, upskirt, & so much more

    Uploaded: Jun 3, 2014 | Length: 9:59
    Categories: Ass Worship, Farting, Upskirt
    Purchase Price: 140 Chips | Rental Price: 140 Chips

  • Cleavage Cake Crush

    Watch my big soft tits/cleavage bounce high & crazy smashing chocolate vanilla cream cakes. I make a chocolate creamy mess EVERYWHERE and ruin my pretty blue bra. Includes: wet and messy, splosh, big tits, cleavage, tit bouncing, extreme closeups & much more!

    Uploaded: May 29, 2014 | Length: 7:15
    Categories: Big Tits, Food, Wet & Messy
    Purchase Price: 98 Chips | Rental Price: 98 Chips

    Sniff My Finger

    Rare anal fingering. I pull it out & tell you to sniff my finger. I describe what it smells like & I tease & taunt you. I know you wish you could smell my smelly funky finger.

    Uploaded: May 26, 2014 | Length: 5:48
    Categories: Anal, BBW, Big Butts
    Purchase Price: 126 Chips | Rental Price: 126 Chips

    Banana Butt Smash

    Smashing bananas with my big strong devastating butt cheeks. Goddass Mina got fat jiggly cheeks for weeks!

    Uploaded: May 14, 2014 | Length: 7:52
    Categories: Big Butts, Crush, Food Crushing
    Purchase Price: 112 Chips | Rental Price: 112 Chips

    Samantha's Transformation

    I just got back from a night of clubbing so I'm dressed in a sexy dress and heels. I talk about the fun I had with my hot boyfriend. But I'm disgusted about the lesbian who was constantly hitting on me. That's not my thing so I told her off. She got upset and told me something about walking a mile in her shoes. I feel tired and drift off. When I wake up I'm now dressed in black jeans, running shoes, plain black tank top and a black baseball hat on backwards with my hair all tucked in. "What am I wearing; I would never dress like this. Oh my god, my beautiful hair, its short! This has to be a bad dream"... (From this point I start acting more and more like a guy) I scratch my ass. "I feel weird, that dyke must have done something to me. I have to find her before this goes too far." "Even my voice sounds different now." When I speak its now lower and deeper and my language is more vulgar. I try clearing my throat. Legs spread and lounging on a seat. "I don't even fucking like this shit, wine is much classier. But for some reason this feels right, wine is for sissies." I burp. I start feeling horny, I drop my pants and start playing with myself. I start thinking of hot guys and big cocks but it's not doing anything for me. I start talking about sexy women, big tits, curvy asses, licking a hot wet pussy, fucking girls with a strap-on and I come to a very loud orgasm. "Holy shit I'm a lesbian!" "I can feel my memories changing. I'm forgetting all the girls I was friends with in school. I can only remember hanging around guys because we just got along better. All the romantic movies I ever watched being replaced with sports. Everybody calling me Sam instead of Samantha." I'm going to dump my boyfriend; he just does'nt attract me anymore. Ill ask him if he still wants to hang out, we can watch some Ultimate Fighting then go to the strip club." (I get my phone out & start texting) "I'm feeling horny again, gonna head down to the bar and see if I can find me some hot pussy. Watch out ladies, Sam is coming to rock your world" You then see me leave the apartment.

    Uploaded: May 12, 2014 | Length: 9:29
    Categories: Drink/Drunk, Lesbian, Role Play
    Purchase Price: 49 Chips | Rental Price: 39 Chips

    Ass Makes You Weak

    WARNING: INSTANT RAGING ERECTION MIGHT OCCUR WATCHING THIS VIDEO: POV looking up while I moan, giggle, tease & taunt you with my huge juicy fat white ass so seductively in white granny panties & a little black thong & yoga pants. So seductive & hot! Download this & ALL of my amazing high quality big butt videos NOW! Includes: bbw, big butt, whooty, pawg, eye glasses, makeup, wide hips, ass shaking, ass worship, femdom, domination, goddess, goddass, pov, white fullback underwear, black thong, deep ass crack, yoga pants, teasing, giggling, moaning, wedgies, bending over, ass spreading, ass shaking, big butt squeezing, cellulite, fat, thick, muscle control, twerking, ass bouncing & so much more!

    Uploaded: May 12, 2014 | Length: 8:12
    Categories: Ass Shaking, Panties, POV
    Purchase Price: 112 Chips | Rental Price: 112 Chips

  • Thunder Booty

    Me & my 60 inch fat white thunder booty in a little black thong. Includes: thong, big butt, whooty, pawg, bbw, bubble butt, butt drops, tight pants, ass spreading, teasing, ass worship & much much more!

    Uploaded: Apr 25, 2014 | Length: 5:47
    Categories: Ass Shaking, BBW, Big Butts
    Purchase Price: 84 Chips | Rental Price: 84 Chips